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The team of Heidelberg Alumni International (HAI) is looking forward to a cooperation with you in the following areas:

Graduation Ceremonies

Use the occasion of your graduation ceremonies to strengthen the bonds between your graduates and your subject as well as Heidelberg University!

HAIsociety Our services for your Graduation Ceremonies

Professional Alumni Groups

Professional alumni networks within HAI serve the exchange between alumni, students and university staff and maintain the bonds of graduates and university. Keep in touch with your graduates via your professional alumni group:


  • offers you the ideal platform and neccessary infrastructure
  • takes care of the administrative troubles such as registration and data maintenance
  • advertises your group among your graduates from previous years
  • provide the contents for your group by easy usage of calendar, picture gallery, pin board etc.
  • use the data and contacts e.g. to find mentors, speakers for events and activities, or to identify alumni providing places for internships etc.

Does your subject area already have a professional alumni group?
HAIsociety Check the Professional Networks within HAI

Activities & Events

Activities and events for and together with alumni: intensify contacts and build bridges between students and alumni of your subject area:

  • alumni events at the faculty or institute, regularly or on special occasions (annual homecoming, institute's anniversary, "silver/golden diploma", etc.)
  • professional or career events for your students with alumni expertise
We support you in finding suitable speakers and in advertising your event!

You are interested in presenting your faculty/institute to a broader public? We can help:

  • advertising your public events/talks in the region
  • presenting your insitute/key research areas among the alumni
  • publishing short portraits of extraordinary graduates of your subject
We are looking forward to further ideas and suggestions!

Visiting Researchers

You are hosting researchers of your subject area from all over the world?
Within HAI there are additional services for visiting scholars and research alumni:

  • Research Alumni Network, the group for all scientists and scholars
  • HAIreconnect, the HAI short-term scholarship
  • Special information on research, job offers, scholarships etc.
  • Heidelberg University's Research Alumni Newsletter
  • Additional benefits due to the close cooperation between HAI and the Welcome Centre of Heidelberg University

Your institution benefits from the Research Alumni Network as main tie to the university:

  • win Research Ambassadors abroad as international multipliers for you and the university
  • profit from advertismenet among external students or institutions as well as among aspiring and already established researchers
Thank you for pointing out HAI to your guests!

This and much more offers Heidelberg Alumni International for you. We are looking forward to working with you!


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