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Research Ambassador Programme

Our Research Ambassador Programme consists of dedicated researchers all over the world, who aim to actively support and increase the visibility of Heidelberg University and Germany as a whole as a place for excellent research.

Click on the interactive map to find out where our Research Ambassadors are located and in which fields they are currently engaged in.


The Programme

Research Ambassadors function as international representatives of Heidelberg University abroad and are role models for the academic youth.

  • Advertising for research stays at Heidelberg University
  • Sharing valuable experiences from own research in Heidelberg
  • Offering support and guidance for the navigation of funding opportunities
  • Providing informative material about Heidelberg and Germany as a location for future research
  • Increasing the international visibility of Heidelberg University
  • Initiating new international collaborations between universities
  • Personal Research Ambassador posters
  • Informative material on research stays at Heidelberg University as well as on Germany as a research location
  • Advice and valuable links to scholarschips and research stays
  • Referencing of contacts regarding questions about research in Heidelberg
  • Close contact to Heidelberg University
  • Access to an interdisciplinary network of renowned researchers from Heidelberg
  • Additional publication of your own research profile on our platform
  • Special consideration of your commitment as Research Ambassador for your application to HAIreconnect

Now you can successfully start your committment to Heidelberg University as a Research Ambassador!

Spotlights on Excellence

Ambassador Projects

Research Ambassadors are active all over the world and have already started various Ambassador Projects. In the following you can find a selection of activities that serve as 'best practice' examples for the work of a Research Ambassador:

Do you want to participate or have any further queries to specific activities? Our Research Ambassadors will gladly answer your questions.

Your project?

Are you a Research Ambassador and have done an Ambassador Project in the past? Let us know to be represented in our publications! Send us the relevant information and photos via research@alumni.uni-heidelberg.de.




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23 March 2022
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