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HAIreconnect is a re-invitation programme for former international visiting researchers of Heidelberg University and of some related non-university research institutions in Heidelberg.


Prof. Dr. Giridhari Lal PanditProf. Dr. Madhavi GanesanProf. Dr. phil Sandro Mario Moraldo

Here you can find all details on application, formalities and deadlines of the programme. The current application deadline is over.

What does HAIreconnect offer?

The programme offers you the following possibilites:

  • financial support for a short research stay in Heidelberg (100 Euro per day for a stay of approx. 5-10 days)
  • personal exchange on current research projects
  • refresh your professional and scientific contacts during your stay
  • get updates on Heidelberg as research location


Programme information



Top 10 divisions - applications and stays
Top 10 countries - applications and stays

In the previous funding rounds 64 Research Alumni from 28 countries were already awarded a grant to realize individual projects in Heidelberg.

In case of questions, ideas and suggestions regarding the network please contact us via email at research@alumni.uni-heidelberg.de.



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You can find all information on HAIreconnect and the current application procedure here:
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