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Seminars & Further Education

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In cooperation with different university institutes and departments HAI organizes from time to time seminars and further trainings on various different topics.


Institute of Public Health

Since 2014 the Institute of Global Health (former Public Health) offers professional summer schools for its alumni in cooperation with HAI.


Institute of German as a Foreign Language Philology

In 2010 and 2011 HAI organised in cooperation with the Institute of German as a Foreign Language Philology and very committed IDF alumni subject related training seminars.


Institute of Educational Science

On the occasion of the UN decade "Education for Sustainable Development" the Institute of Educational Science organised professional trainings for graduates of German universities.



Virtual training with follow-up measurements for Medicine alumni of the Baden-Württemberg universities in Heidelberg, Freiburg, Mannheim, Tübingen and Ulm.


Heidelberg Alumni International

Training seminars as to "Alumni Work" offered and organised by HAI for alumni who are actively volunteering in the various alumni initiatives.



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