For some time past alumni as well as friends and sponsors of Heidelberg University in Canada tried to establish a Heidelberg Alumni Club Canada (HACA).

Since we are still in the set-up phase we would like to develop the ideas of our club work and an event programme together with our alumni. The club's activities are to be defined by the club's members, possible are for example regular meetings with various topics, suggested by the members themselves. At the same time our members shall be up to date regarding the Heidelberg University's latest news.

In a first HACA E-Mail-report the alumni in Canada got information about our activities in our first year as a club. The next project is supposed to be a regular newsletter containing the latest news on Heidelberg University, future and past HACA activities as well as selected canadian alumni profiles.

We want to be a vibrant and active club and appreciate every kind of feedback. Therefore we are very happy about suggestions for topics to discuss, events to plan or improvements. Naturally, we would be especially happy if you want to participate actively in our network.

Because of the strict data protection act in Germany it is particularly hard for us to find the contact details of potential new alumni. We would therefore appreciate it if you could help us in extending our Heidelberg Alumni Network in Canada. Do you maybe know Heidelberg Alumni who are not (yet) members of HACA? Let us know via haca[at]alumni.uni-heidelberg.de. Thank you very much!

We are looking forward to your support and ideas.