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Be a part of Heidelberg University - Be a Heidelberg Volunteer!
Whether at home or abroad, whether professionally or socially, whether old or young, whether traditionally or innovative - the Heidelberg alumni network counts on your individual contribution. Shape the network - together with us!

Volunteers on their motivation and experiences:

  • Es ist mir nicht nur eine Ehre sondern auch eine riesige Freude, immer wieder kluge, begabte, interessante und gebildete Alumni kennenzulernen und dadurch neue Freunde zu gewinnen. [More...]

    Kathleen Lance, U.S.

  • Being a HAI member is not only the way I fortify the roots of my professional and personal tree of life, it's also the way I grow new branches in all directions!!! [More...]

    Luis Eduardo Moch Zamora, Mexico

  • I am glad because the HAI network works!! A HAMEX member and me have done a first report of our collaboration. Thanks HAI for the fantastic opportunity to meet wonderful alumni!!

    Luz Stella Veloza Salcedo, Colombia

  • Es bietet sich mir die Möglichkeit, an der Entwicklung, Stärkung und weiteren Profilierung der Ruperto Carola mitzuwirken und somit - indirekt - auch Verantwortung für 'unsere' Alma Mater zu übernehmen. [More...]

    Sandro M. Moraldo, Italy

  • Um 1800 hielt der Heidelberger Medizinprofessor Franz Anton Mai die ersten Vorlesungen für "Gesundheits- und Krankenwärterinnen." In dieser alten pflegewissenschaftlichen Tradition stehen zu dürfen, inspiriert mich immer wieder neu.

    Christine Auer, Germany

Volunteering... for Students

You all have been students at Heidelberg University once - do you remember the good old times?
Get involved and volunteer for the next generation of young students!

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Volunteering... for Alumni

The opportunities for alumni within HAI are particularly varied due to the commitment of our dedicated alumni! Make your contribution today and help keep the alumni community as colourful and diversified.

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Volunteering... for the University

Heidelberg and the University have been your home - during your unforgettable time in the city at the Neckar.
Now it's your time to endow and volunteer for your Alma Mater in Heidelberg!

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Would you like to volunteer?

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Do you have any questions or requests? Do you already volunteer for Heidelberg University?

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Volunteer Profiles
Gabriele Meister, D - As a "HAIlight", Ms Meister organized a look behind the scenes of the local court in Mannheim.

Seda Yenentürk, TR - On the initiative of Ms Yenentürk, a regulars table of turkish alumni of Heidelberg University met in Istanbul for the first time.

Martin Pecher, NZ
As a mentor Mr Pecher is available for questions concerning the field "Career/Job" as well as "change of location" for alumni looking to spend time in New Zealand.
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Further engagements